photographer. videographer. writer. designer.

Autumn Meyer bio photo

Des Moines native

Writing and Digital Media Production major at Drake University

Writing tutor in the Drake Writing Workshop

Marketing Manager for Drake Broadcasting System

Social Media Consultant for the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication

On a beautiful fall night in 1996,

the world found itself occupied by one more person. That person would soon start drawing, singing, writing, speaking, and telling other people what to do (in no particular order). That person would be teaching herself to read at four, so her mother would decide to start homeschooling her a little younger than planned, in order to avoid the consequences of allowing a mind to absorb knowledge with no instruction.

So began the process of my educated life, for that October-born child was, in fact, me, Autumn Meyer. I didn’t have to be taught to dedicate hours to drawing on Microsoft Paint or gallivanting around the backyard writing songs and playing imaginary games or inhaling stories like Anne of Green Gables or to be a perfectionist. I did have to be taught to wait my turn to speak, to not slap children who beat me at sports, and to play violin. Then there was the lesson of “try new things, don’t be afraid to fail.” I’m a straight-A student, but I would give myself a C+ in that area for most of the time I have inhabited this planet.

Fortunately, as a 21-year-old, senior college student, I have reached the level of maturity where I don’t slap my enemies (or friends, for the most part) anymore. I also have taken a series of risks over the past few years – including adding a second major in Digital Media Production to my initial Writing major almost half-way through college, buying a DSLR and choking the insecurity that inhibited me from sharing my imperfect first efforts at photography with the world, volunteering to experiment with all kinds of new technology, and asking for help when I need it.

I want to take risks and I want to tell the truth with beautiful art, whether that be videos, photos, designs, music, or words. As a nearly two-year veteran of the Drake Writing Workshop, I’ve learned the most powerful thing to say to a struggling student is, “write about what you care about.” I care about authenticity. And I care about empowering people to see their potential and stop stifling their abilities through lies of inadequacy.

If you’d like more tangible details about my life interests and accomplishments, you can visit my blog, portfolio, or resume.