Fighting the cabin fever

by | Jun 24, 2017 | new york city, photography, travel

Smile! Look what God gave you. He gave you the chance to photograph! – Professor Roma

We’ve got five [weeks], my brain hurts a lot

I thought David Bowie should usher in my New York City week five post, because music opened these last seven days to new exploration. A few hours after posting week four’s blog post, overcome by that pesky cabin fever and a generally dismal outlook on life, I realized I had to get out. With comfortable shoes and fully charged camera, I clicked on my Spotify and started walking by the river.

Soon Relient K’s Air for Free was my cleansing, along with the actual air (which was also free). Six miles later, I had somehow made it over 100 blocks (also listening to Foster the People’s Supermodel and III).

I’ve never gone five weeks without an instrument, and my already dubious sanity has suffered with the lack of strings under my fingers. Yet I have survived and even thrived at times. Below will be, as usual, a photo recap of this week of tides, tunes, and spectacular skies.



Since I walked by the river multiple days this week, I’ve selected a collection of riverside photos from no particular day.

new york city week fivenew york city week fivenew york city week five new york city week five

This week I’ve been transfixed by the water beneath me.

new york city week five

Perhaps because I have a short attention span, I’ve found I need a new way to find interest in my surroundings. That’s meant I’ve been photographing at a much wider depth of field than I typically do – just to see how it affects the way I see the world. I shot the photo below at f/22, creating an interesting rubbery texture.

new york city week five

I was walking back to my apartment, but I couldn’t stop looking back at that incredible sunset.

new york city week five



Yesterday I was promised thunderstorms (my favorite), and I wanted to experience them with a view, so I boarded the Governor’s Island ferry and 12 minutes later, found myself just off of Manhattan mainland. The promised thunderstorms never came, but the trip was still worth it. Below is a photo of Brooklyn just before the boat left harbor.

new york city week five

Still on the boat:

new york city week fivenew york city week five

Walking on Governor’s Island I didn’t find the governor, nor did I find the Smothers Brothers’ birthplace (apparently they were born on the Island). Instead I spotted other tourists, climbed up The Hills, and surveyed a lovely sky.

new york city week fivenew york city week fivenew york city week five new york city week five                   new york city week five


The Final Countdown

This next week will be filled with the final preparations for our exhibition. For me that means choosing the photos to show, buying paper, printing photos, designing the layout, making handouts, pinning up the show, crying from stress, and probably walking by the river to breathe again. Here we go!

Thanks again for joining me across the country (or street, or world, wherever you are)! If you’ve missed previous posts, you can read all the NYC weeks here.