Trying to be Bioluminescent

by | Jun 17, 2017 | new york city, photography, travel

The deaf man heard what the mute man said, then they all followed where the blind man led. – Mark Foster

Weak for Week Four

New York City week four got off to a fairly nice start when I opened Illustrator last Saturday afternoon and brainstormed by designing. Since my creativity needs diversity, using graphics instead of images for a little bit brought some clarity. I’m still in the process of figuring out the focus for my final exhibition. Below is what my thoughts look like.

new york city week four

So Saturday was good. The roughness began when I killed my first (and hopefully last) cockroach on Sunday night. It took four hearty smacks with my boot and a folded up piece of toilet paper to kill and dispose of it, and it left me a little weary of walking in my room with the lights off. Welcome to New York!



As the week meandered on, the cockroach served as the first struggle in a series: difficult one-on-one conversations with art instructors, personal confusion over what exactly I’m trying to do with my photography, general feelings of a “blind leading the blind” type thing. By Thursday it was clear: I am not a fine artist. 

And that’s just fine (pun not intended when I first wrote it. Leaving it in is intended). While I can appreciate those who want to dedicate their lives to making work that appears in galleries and museums, and to surrender themselves to a belief that there are no definitive answers – that is not for me. I like answers, I like purpose, and I don’t like to sit around talking about abstract concepts that lead to no real world conclusions. I’d rather be a problem solver than a problem creator – even if the problem is created in a pretty way. (Note: I’m not trying to start a war about the nature of art. Art is great and I’m sure more complex than I’m giving it credit for here.)

That being said, I still love New York and I’m glad to be taking a course filled with people who don’t think like me, even if it is a challenge. The jury is still out on who I am as an artist (not fine), or designer, or creator, or whatever the classification may be. But for now, here are the photo highlights of the week.



On a particularly beautiful night (Sunday), I ventured back to Brooklyn for the sunset by the bridge.

new york city week fournew york city week four new york city week four

Standing on the boardwalk at Brooklyn Bridge Park, I continued my camera exploration by photographing at a one-second exposure, changing focal length and focus during the shot.

new york city week four  new york city week fournew york city week four

Almost everyday this week I’ve tried to make it to either the Hudson or the East River, because hearing the rustling waves, seeing the light dance on the peaks, and feeling the cool breeze against my face have been the cleansing I’ve needed after the weakness I’ve felt in class. Most often I don’t even try to document it with photos or videos. It doesn’t translate well. If you’ve ever been near a large body of water, you know what I mean.



Ever since watching White Collar season 3x16 “Judgment Day”, I’ve wanted to ride the Roosevelt Island Tram. So on Wednesday I took a nice subway ride and walk through Central Park until I reached the Tramway. Below is a bit of proof that I did in fact visit the Park and the Island.

new york city week fournew york city week fournew york city week four

Now I am in the sky (encased safely in metal and glass).

New york city week fournew york city week four

Pictured left: Manhattan. Pictured right: Roosevelt Island. Pictured middle: East River. Pictured top right corner: tram reflection. Not pictured: me, having a fun time.

new york city week fournew york city week fournew york city week fournew york city week four


Yesterday, I didn’t ride the Tram, but I did visit the East River again. It was one of those supposed-to-rain-but-just-ends-up-overcast-and-humid type days. I’m not complaining though.

Below I was messing around with long exposure while walking, one of my favorite things to do as of late.

new york city week four

The picture below is a pretty typical sight in the city, but I took the photo because of the angles and reflections. Buildings are beautiful.

new york city week four

By the East River (obviously).

new york city week four

I want to give a little shout out to my Adidas, because these trusty shoes have carried me all over NYC, causing no pain but only pleasure. I bought another pair on Thursday that have yet to be broken in as well as these.

new york city week four

And so we beat on

That’s it for New York City week four. I’m not quoting Gatsby melodramatically – at least that is not my goal. I felt it was fitting, what with New York and hazy weather and perhaps a little melancholy I’ve felt this week. But even in melancholy there is light and beauty. As always, thank you for following along with me!

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