It’s the end of the world as we know it

by | Jul 5, 2017 | new york city, photography, travel

The sun and moon both are right,
And we’ll see them soon through days of night
But now silver leaves on mirrors bring delight.
And the colours of your eyes are fiery bright,
While darkness blinds the skies with all its light.
Come see where your eyes cannot see.
And close your eyes, child, and look at what I’ll show you;
Let your mind go reeling out and let the breezes blow you,
Then maybe, when we meet, suddenly I will know you.
– Jerry Merrick (“Follow”, sung by Richie Havens)

On the Wing

New York City week six is entering the web world a few days late to allow for the last couple days of travel and settling back into Midwestern life. But most of this was written in the air, somewhere between New York and Chicago.

I told my sister whilst boarding the plane that I hoped I wouldn’t be “like, right on the wing.” I was.

new york city week six

It seems silly to try to recap week six and all of the NYC experience – too much to write, too many photos to show, too much that can’t be articulated or pictured justly. Plus I have barely begun to process what I have learned and how I have changed as a person. But, for the sake of forcing myself to organize my thoughts, I’ll try to say and show some things.


Week six I took a subway to B&H Photo and Video to buy paper for printing photos for the show. If you’ve never been, I would suggest doing so, and allowing lots of time and money – it’s beautiful and filled with everything a photographer, videographer, technology lover could ever want. Somehow in the maze of cameras, ink, lighting equipment, dark room supplies, sleek new laptops, paper, and 4,000 other things I didn’t mention, I found what I needed and got out only spending $80 (a miracle).

Then I printed photos for nine hours. It was a long week.

Both the buying of paper and the putting of images on paper were nice ways to busy myself into avoiding the thought of leaving. Wednesday my class went out for a meal, and for the first time seriously, I realized how much I was going to miss the small group of students and instructors I would be leaving behind in that beautiful city. When we were finished eating, I was in that position where you know you should probably leave, but you keep just standing around waiting for something – a good bye? memorable last words? someone to tell you to stay?

Below are the nine of us students and our two main instructors at dinner on Wednesday. We ate at a secret delicious place. If you want to know where, I’ll tell you in person and then you can pay for us to fly to NYC and eat there.

new york city week six



Our final show was another whirl of preparation and distraction. We installed in the morning on Friday, had a short break, then met as a class for a final discussion before the two-hour show. Mostly I remember it was really hot outside (and inside), and the cheese platter became quite odiferous throughout the exhibition.

It’s not the same as being there, but here was my little section of wall. Thirteen photos to conceptualize six weeks.

new york city week six


My exhibition handouts – a limited supply are still available for anyone interested!

new york city week six



When I put my key into my studio locker and walked out the door for the last time the salt water came unwelcomed and I had to confront the fact that I was leaving. I walked by the river once again to remember or forget or just feel better. I listened to Follow, sung by Richie Havens, and the words “Let the river rock you like a cradle” opened the song to soothe me as I stood by the Hudson for the last time this trip.

The remnants of my exhibition – boxes of photos and photo paper, an extra piece of wood for my handout shelf, and the carnation I wore in my hair.

new york city week six

Experimenting with long exposure and light by the river for the last time.

new york city week six

My final full day in the city, my sister April and I went to the Top of the Rock. It had rained for a couple hours and I was afraid I’d waited so long for this famed trip to the top in vain. But then as we exited the elevator onto the observation deck, I saw the sunset and was thankful. Then I saw the double rainbow and of course remembered the made-trite-by-Sunday-school, but true, promise of God. 

The view from our hotel before leaving for 30 Rock wasn’t too promising.

new york city week six

new york city week six new york city week six new york city week six new york city week six

Au Revoir!

It was perfect. Filled with tourists, but perfect. There is so much more I could say, but I think I will let it all spill out of me for the months and years to come. Thank you to everyone who has loved me enough or at least been vaguely interested enough to read my attempts at keeping a blogging commitment to myself. 

As always, if you have only read this post and wish you could read the rest, New York City weeks 1-5 are here.